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TIPP 2021 will be using Indico - click here to go there now.

TIPP2021 Posters

We are currently building the virtual platform and expect to have it ready to share with presenters well before the start of the conference so that you are able to test the platform.


The poster boards will accommodate an ARCH E or A0 sized poster in either landscape or portrait orientation.

We will be using Gather.Town (https://gather.town).  It is free for users up to 25 guests (unique addresses ) in the room.  Please take this time to play with it and get a little bit of a feel. 


Gather.Town's specifications for images that are to be uploaded:

  • in .png,  .jpg, .gif, .webp format
  • at least 1000px for the width
  • at least 600px for the height
  • max 3MB in size

We recommend a minimum DPI of 72, but this is not a requirement. All images will be stretched to fit inside of the iframe, so exact dimensions and proportions are not required.  Transparent backgrounds will be filled with a black background.


Please check here for more information on instructions for the Poster Session.


Once the TIPP2021 platform is ready, we will notify presenters with the unique URL and further instructions.

The LOC/Program Committee will 'mount' the posters for the presenters on the virtual poster boards.